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Is there a CWV Post or Auxiliary Unit near me that I can join?

The Catholic War Veterans and Auxiliary have members in all 50 states. We do NOT have Posts or Auxiliaries in every state. If there is no Post or Unit near you to join, our Post 4 is for “At-Large Members”.  Or we can work with you to establish a Catholic War Veterans and Auxiliary presence in your state or area.

Click on a State and you will be directed to a page showing all the Posts currently chartered in that state. Contact information and a Google Map will be listed on that page. Included will be links to help you start a Post if none exists in that state. Please be patient as these pages are being slowly published.

ATTENTION CWV MEMBERS: We are currently developing Google Maps pages showing the Post meeting locations in each state. Please ensure that your listing in the National Index of Posts list an actual, physical location where you meet. Please correct the listing yourself or contact the National Office or email to have your meeting place listed. Thank you for your help in this endeavor!

Once you’ve found a Post or Unit, click HERE to fill in and print the Application to join the CWV and Auxiliary. Click HERE to pay your dues online – NOTE to current members: you can renew using this link too!











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