Recruitment Kits for Posts & Aux Units

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Three (3) Recruitment Kits available for order:

  • Promotional Kit – for recruiting new members to your existing Post or Unit
  • Starter Kit – for starting a new Post or Auxiliary Unit
  • Procedural Kit – to outfit your Altar (replace lost or worn items)

Promotional Kit contains: 

  • Two (2) copies of The Catholic War Veteran magazine;
  • Two (2) Send Me, Lord bumper stickers;
  • Five (5) membership applications;
  • Twenty (20) Mini-applications;
  • One (1) page of sample graphics for advertising;
  • Sample page of announcements to put in church bulletins;
  • Sample letter to Parish Pastor;
  • Sample letter to Diocesan newspaper;
  • Order Form for additional Promotional Kit items;
  • Order Form for Post / Unit Starter Kit items;
  • Order Form for Post / Unit Procedural Kit items.

Cost: FREE 

Starter Kit contains:

  • History of the Catholic War Veterans and Auxiliary
  • Instructions for chartering a New Post / Unit
  • New Post / Unit Charter Application
  • Charter Member and Temporary Officer Form
  • Twenty-one (21) membership applications
  • Pocket Size CWV or CWVA Ritual*
  • CWV or CWVA Constitution & By-Laws*
  • Officers Manual*
  • Instructional DVD on running a meeting, using the Ritual*
  • Sample letter announcing first meeting of new Post / Unit
  • Order Form for Promotional Kit 
  • Order Form for Post / Unit Procedural Kit.

COST: FREE for most items; items with (*) can be ordered for a nominal charge. Order entire kit for $15.00 

Procedural Kit contains:

  • Bible*
  • Crucifix*
  • Altar Cloth*
  • Gavel*
  • Small votive candles & holders*
  • Podium Edition Ritual*
  • National Officer Programs for current year*
  • DVD on running a meeting, using the Ritual*
  • Sset of all Post / Unit Administration Forms*
  • Instructions on how to use the CWV web database
  • Order Form for Post / Unit Flag
  • Life Membership Application
  • Poppy Order Form
  • Order Form for Promotional Kit
  • Order Form for Starter Kit

COST: FREE to new Posts or Units chartered after Oct 1, 2014.

Items with (*) can be ordered separately for a nominal charge. Entire Kit can be ordered for $150.