Recruitment Tips & Tools

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Recruitment Tips – Ideas you can use

The ideas for recruiting below can be used at any time of the year, and especially during our annual National Recruitment Week. Don’t be afraid to try something new – these ideas work!

  • Recruit outside your home base. Because we’ve met at the same parish for so many years and our Post names may be the same as the parish, we may consider our Posts and Auxiliaries to be a “parish group” similar to the Holy Name Society or the Rosary Guild. We may believe that we can only pull members from that home parish. Although our members support and are involved in the different ministries in their parishes, the CWV Post and CWVA Unit are NOT “parish groups” in the strict meaning of those words. We are separate entities that can and should recruit at any parish in our local areas. This also frees us to volunteer and donate our time, treasure and talent to multiple parishes.
  • Make sure to mention our Auxiliary. Many times we, as vets, forget to also recruit for the Auxiliary. We may hear people say “I’m not a vet, but my Dad was” or “My Mom is”.  Let these people know of their eligibility for our Auxiliary. Behind every veteran eligible for membership in the CWV, stand a whole lot of relatives eligible for the CWVA! We need our Auxiliary to survive and grow if the CWV is to flourish. If your Post has no Auxiliary, try to get one started during National Recruitment Week.
  • Plan a Post and/or Auxiliary Memorial Mass Corporate Communion. Remembering deceased members and attending Mass as a group in uniform is the ideal. If not possible, then attending a Mass on another day of the week would be fine too. Advertise this Mass and invite area veterans and the public to attend. Read the CWV Memorial Verse “Our Dead” and a list of deceased members during Mass.
  • Inform the Bishop of your Diocese. Send a letter to the Bishop to ask him for a blessing for your efforts and inform him of your Post and/or Auxiliaries recruitment plans. Ask him if he’d be willing to have his office send out an email to the Pastors of the parishes you intend to recruit at. If the Bishop has a regular column in your Diocesan paper, ask if he’d be willing to mention us in the next issue.
  • Contact the parishes you’d like to recruit at. Send each Pastor a letter asking permission to set up a table at their weekend Masses. Ask if one of your members could speak at each Mass. Contact the Parish Bulletin Editor and Webmaster to insert notices the weekend before your arrival.
  • Many parishes have “Hospitality” or “Donut Sundays” after weekend Masses. Offer to provide the donuts, juice and coffee after the Masses that your Post and/or Auxiliary is there recruiting. Whether or not you actually sign up any members that weekend, the goodwill you will have established will serve you well in the future.
  • Contact the media (print, television, radio, and web). Send a Press Release or a small article to community newspapers, your Diocesan paper, and the Diocese’s website. Ask them to print and post it the week before and during Recruitment Week. As them if they would run a feature story on the CWV and CWVA.
  • Write a Letter to the Editor of these same papers explaining the Recruitment Week and our organizations. Ask area TV stations and radio stations to run Public Service Announcements (PSA’s) to inform the public about Recruitment Week, or an interview with one of your more notable members about his experiences as a vet and a member.
  • Hold a Recruit / Poppy / Donation Drive. Contact local grocery and department stores for the OK to distribute poppies outside their stores. Have plenty of poppies and Membership Applications on hand. ** NOTE for National Recruitment week only – the weekends of this annual event should NOT be used to sell anything other than membership at the parishes. No selling of raffle tickets, calendars, poppies or other item at parishes is authorized on those weekends.
  • Have a USO or Adopt-a-Platoon Donation Drive during the week. As customers enter the store, give them a “Donation Guide” listing all the items you are collecting and what aisle in the store that they can find them to donate on their way out. Click HERE for a sample listing to use (fill in the blanks and save.)
  • Sponsor a Community Outreach Day. Partner with your area VA Hospital or Clinic to explain services and benefits offered by their facilities. Contact them to provide a speaker and handout materials. Host the event at the Hospital / Clinic or at your Post Home. Advertise your sponsorship of this event and invite area veterans to attend.
  • Offer a BOGO or hold a Dues Raffle. Offer potential members the opportunity to pay for their first year’s due with a second year for FREE or HALF OFF (with your Post, Unit, Chapter or Department paying the Per Capita for the second year).
  • Hold a Dues Raffle for all new members that sign up and pay dues. Pull one winner from each site you recruit at (or for all new members signed up during Recruitment Week) to have their dues check returned for a FREE YEAR of membership.
Incorporate your own ideas that you’ve used in the past that work!+

Interested now? Click HERE to fill in and print the Application to join the CWV and Auxiliary. Click HERE to pay your dues online – current members can renew here also!